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Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform of Salesforce that is specifically designed and curated with multiple marketing tools for remote marketers to manage their marketing strategies effectively. It enables digital marketers to deliver the right message to the right target audience at the right time across various channels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unique cloud-based marketing platform for crafting marketing automation strategies for end-to-end personalized customer experience. It allows marketers to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with existing and potential customers to boost sales. Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce platform to deliver relevant, personalized journeys across all channels and devices. It includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, social, email, advertisement, web personalization, data analysis, and content creation and management through all the relationship phases. Also, it covers all customers’ interactions and engagements to guide them on their one-to-one journey with the brand efficiently and effectively.

What is the technology powering the Marketing Cloud?

The retail industry moves from B2C to a Me2B, which forms the base model for Marketing Cloud.  In B2C, the retailer serves the customer with products, who only respond to it. But in the Me2B model, the customer serves and says about the product and has the demand for the most prevalent personalized shopper journey than ever before. Me2B is based on the premise that the consumer knows about the product, its usage, pros, and cons better than even the company. Me2B tools within the Marketing cloud will empower free-range customers and give them scale for real leverage across companies and markets. Me2B is a companion effort to enable consumers to define the type of relationship they want with the brand. It gives companies better insights into the need of the consumer to boost sales in a better way.

What is the timeline of Marketing Cloud?

It all started in 2000 with Exact Target’s formation as the marketing automation and analytics software provider. It operated with the primary principle of providing proper messages to the right people at the right time. Exact Target supported B2B strategies for businesses with automatic digital communications. Exact Target started buying popular marketing tools like KeyMail Marketing in 2009. It continued its buying spree by buying Cotweet 2010, Pardot, and iGoDigital in 2012. And finally, Salesforce bought Exact Target in 2013 to make it the Marketing Cloud to give customers marketing automation and complete CRM solutions. In 2014, Marketing Cloud introduced Journey Builder for Apps to create customer life cycle maps of mobile app users. In 2014, it released a new Social studio version to integrate with Service and Sales Cloud for the salespersons to see all the social media interactions with the leads.

What are the key features of Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud has a lot of cloud-customer-centric features that help digital marketers in many objectives to boost sales. Some features include.

  • To create and engage in a two-way conversation with current and potential customers
  • To collect, connect and analyze all known and unknown customer details with a 360-degree view of the target market
  • To measure, optimize and report the products’ market performance and services across multiple channels
  • To provide extended support for Salesforce Einstein AI

What is Marketing Cloud Einstein?

Before knowing what Marketing Cloud Einstein is, it is better to know Salesforce Einstein AI because of its rapid leap in artificial intelligence that concerns CRM. It is a topic that spreads across various sectors. To cut it short, Salesforce Einstein AI is a smart artificial intelligence suite with best-in-class modern tools and analytics for visualizing, arranging, and presenting all sales activities within the Salesforce environment. Digital marketers rely much on data and analytics for determining the right content for different campaigns in different demographics. It is here that the Marketing Cloud Einstein helps marketers with advanced technologies to access and analyze customer data in real-time. It includes predictive scoring to predict a customer’s chances to open an email, engage with CTA, or call to action for making a purchase. The other one is the predictive audiences, wherein the marketers can segment the audience as per their patterns and behavior within the Salesforce environment using predictive scoring.

What are the platforms in the Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud incorporates and offers different platforms similar to the CRM tools of Salesforce. It is to help digital marketers to build effective marketing strategies across multiple channels, and some of them include

  • Journey Builder helping to remodel campaigns delivers personalized experience in all the phases of the customers’ journey across multiple marketing channels
  • Personalization Builder with tools like predictive analysis and modeling helps marketers to understand consumer preferences to personalize strategies
  • Analytics Builder employing AI technologies and many visualization tools enable marketers to unearth new and better insights into the existing and potential customers
  • Content builder offering unabridged access to a smart dashboard enables the marketers from a centralized location for creating, sharing, managing and tracking content across multiple marketing channels for maximum ROI
  • Audience Builder enables central access of all data for validating, targeting, and engaging with the right audience through multiple channels at the right time with the 360 degrees view of all customer-related activities
  • Marketing Cloud Content Connect helps marketers for accessing all the data within the Salesforce CRM environment to pinpoint pain area to trigger various actions in its ecosystem
  • Interaction Studio being the new-age analytics platform, is critical for the success of campaigns by tracking, capturing, and visualizing customers’ data in real-time
  • Salesforce DMP enables all data in ERP, PMS, Salesforce CRM, and even in the website synchronized in real-time to enable automated marketing initiatives and to interact in the customers’ journey using data extensions
  • Pardot is the premium marketing automation platform to offer 360 degrees view of the prospects of all B2B organizations to maximize the efficiency of the marketing strategies’

What are the products in the Marketing Cloud?

Apart from the many proactive platforms, Marketing Cloud also has an arsenal of products to boost sales that include, among others

  • Email Studio transforms prospective customers and followers into reliable leads by sourcing customer data from all department to assist the marketing team in creating personalized email templates
  • Data Studio, by leveraging the Salesforce DMP expands the reach of data-sharing platforms to allow marketers for segmenting, sharing and benefiting from second-party data in a transparent and trusted way
  • Social Studio is the one-stop solution to offer real-time publishing and engagement platform for content marketers, along with analyzing current trends to recommend new content ideas
  • Advertising Studio involves three applications, Journey Builder Advertising, Advertising Audience, and Lead Capture, to co-ordinate campaigns with social, sales, mobile, and customer service efforts.

Why should I buy Marketing Cloud?

With so many features, platforms, and products, there are various benefits that Marketing Cloud has to unlock the mystery behind digital success. It designs and implements a cohesive customers experience in multiple channels with a personalized 360-degree view. It helps to reach, interact, and build close relationships with customers using multiple pathways to make them loyal for boosting sales. Also, with the backing of AI and data, it helps to customize customer experience in both B2B and B2C. It is available in three plans that cost 400 USD for basic, 1,250 USD for the Pro Plan, and 3,750 USD for the Corporate plan. Though it is expensive than the other Salesforce Clouds, it could transform any business to be successful in all aspects and beneficial in the long run. And there is no need to invest millions of USD for any infrastructure for utilizing its various benefits. It outsmarts all its competitors’ marketing cloud platforms from IBM, Oracle, and Adobe, among others.
Hence it is time to call our executive to avail all the benefits of Marketing Cloud to use it with ease and confidence to take your organization to the highest levels possible in a short time.

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