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Email Preference Page

What is Email Preference Page? An email preference center is a tool that helps you establish a healthy communication cadence with your subscribers. It provides an easy way for your subscribers to manage their email by giving them a centralized portal to control what they receive and how often they ...
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Upgrade the Business with smart Lead Assignment in Pardot

A sales lead is a person or any organization that has a high possibility of turning into a customer. A lead is first identified through trade shows, emailing and various other marketing efforts. Every lead’s interest is then examined and determined to spot a potential client among the many leads.So ...
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Flow is a powerful business automation tool that can manipulate data in Salesforce in a variety of ways. Such an application can be created right from the org's set up with just drag-drop/point-click. The ease of creating flows makes it the number one go-to tool when it comes to complex ...
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Process Builder

Introduction Process Builder is a combination of Flow and Workflow rules. In other words, we can say that it’s the next level of Workflow rule that allows us to automate your business process by creating Processes with point-and-click more than workflow without writing a single line of code. Scenario Arun ...
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Security Model in Salesforce

Introduction In Salesforce, data is stored in three key constructions: objects, fields, and records. Objects are similar to tables in databases. Fields are similar to columns of the table. Records are similar to rows of data inside the table. Salesforce uses object-level, field-level, and record-level security to secure access to object, field, and individual records. ScenarioJohn is an ...
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